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"Since we had TemperGuard installed over a year ago, we’ve been saving up to $75.00 per month on our AC bill…nearly $600.00 the first year. Last November our electric bill was $130.00 – this November it was only $86.00…this was the best investment we’ve made in our home."
Jose and Billie,
Valrico FL

"Since installing the TemperGuard product we’ve noticed a tremendous decrease in our utility bills as well as an increase in the comfort level in our home. Our upstairs and downstairs room temperatures have evened out tremendously… our average electric bills are down nearly 40%…"
Matt and Tammie,
Plant City FL

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Utility Reductions is proud to offer you technology that was originally designed by NASA ~ TEMPERGUARD!


Much of the heat entering your home comes through the roof. Adding TemperGuard in your attic helps to keep your house cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter. TemperGuard is an ideal barrier to supplement the insulation already in your attic.

TemperGuard is like a space blanket that can be installed over your current mass insulation. TemperGuard is constructed of 99% pure aluminum foil with polyethylene woven fabric for durability.

  • Keeps Buildings Cooler in
    Summer,Warmer in Winter
  • Saves Money and Energy
  • Eliminates Vapor Problems
  • Increased Comfort
  • Lightweight, and Very Strong
  • Class A/Class 1 Fire Rating
  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Clean and Safe

TemperGuard is two-sided and designed to block the sun’s radiant heat from the top in the summer, therefore keeping your home cooler. From the bottom, TemperGuard will block the heat that rises to escape your home in the winter. This allows you to reduce your energy usage, therefore SAVING YOU MONEY!

TemperGuard is perforated to allow air to flow through, therefore not creating a moisture barrier. We invite you to explore our website to gain additional information for your consideration. We look forward to helping you reduce your energy costs and improving the comfort of your home.

*Individucal results may vary. See our FAQ section for more detail information.